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Fielding Pushes for Acceleration on City’s Road Projects

January 7, 2013 10:10 AM | News

Scott Fielding (WINNIPEG.CA)

Scott Fielding (WINNIPEG.CA)

A Winnipeg councillor is calling for half of the city’s regional street repair projects to utilize evenings and weekends as an incentive to finish the job sooner.

St. James-Brooklands Councillor Scott Fielding will introduce the motion Tuesday during a meeting with the Assiniboine Community Committee. The idea isn’t a new one, and has been used by the city for several years, but Fielding would like to see at least 50% of projects follow the same model.

“We know it worked well on projects like the St. James Street Rehabilitation project where it got projects completed 10 days earlier than normal,” Fielding said.

“We cannot have delays all summer on major routes like Portage Ave, Main Street and St. James Street. I will be pushing to have as many projects as possible considered for accelerated construction and penalties and incentives to get projects completed quicker.”

A number of city streets are on Fielding’s radar for accelerated completion, including the recently announced upgrades to the Polo Park area.

Public Works will review a report put forward by the public service on April 16.