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Winnipeg Transit Outlawing Pennies, Bills on Feb. 1

January 18, 2013 10:45 AM | News



Put those pennies in your rainy day jar and leave the bills in your wallet. Winnipeg Transit doesn’t want them.

As of February 1, Transit will no longer accept pennies or bills on its buses. The move comes as on-board fare collection moves to electronic fareboxes, which will only accept Canadian or U.S. coins of at least a nickel or higher denomination. A visual display screen will show the amount deposited into the box.

The new boxes will continue to accept tickets but they must be inserted into the ticket slot mounted separately from the coin slot. Paper transfers will be printed and issued by the new farebox.

Also on February 1, the Blue Loonie — available at participating Downtown Business Improvement Zone (BIZ) merchants — will be worth $1 off any cash fare on all regular and Hand-Transit service.