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VIDEO: Local Cyclist Hits One Millionth Kilometre

February 4, 2013 8:25 AM | Sports

A Winnipeg cyclist reached a historic milestone over the weekend, clocking his one millionth kilometre in front of about 100 supporters at The Forks.

Lindsay Gauld, 64, has been cycling since 1965. The owner of Olympia Cycle and Ski rode up the Assiniboine River Trail with an envoy of fellow cyclists from the Manitoba legislature.

To put one million kilometres into perspective, that’s like going to the moon and back just over two and a half times, or travelling around the world 25 times.

For Gauld, the achievement is just another number.

“I guess I’m going to start on my next time around the world,” he said modestly on Saturday. “It’s a number and I’m really pleased and proud I could do that much, and that I was easily amused enough I kept track. It’s just a weight point… I’m going to keep doing it.”

The avid rider competed in the Iditarod Trail Invitational in Alaska last year, but couldn’t finish due to severe frostbite. He was flown out from a tiny emergency runway and will return to the state later this year to finish what he started.

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