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Partnership to Give At-Risk Youth New Opportunities

February 12, 2013 12:35 PM | News

By Sarah Klein

4Life FoundationThe city has partnered with the 4Life Foundation to help provide Winnipeg youth with opportunities to excel in sports, education, music and dance.

Through a partnership with the Winnipeg Police Service, Central Neighborhoods Development Corporation, and staff at numerous inner-city schools, the Foundation will work to help students pass the time by becoming involved in stimulating activities that will help them grow into successful young adults.

The non-profit Ontario-based charity works in several Canadian neighbourhoods by providing youth with opportunities that they might not otherwise have access to.

The 4Life Foundation has a proven track record for engaging and mentoring children and youth from elementary to high school levels, with a goal of prevention in areas of criminal activity and association with street gangs.

Two Winnipeg Blue Bomber players have joined the 4Life staff to help run school lunch sports programs, such as basketball and ball hockey at Dufferin School, William Whyte Community School, David Livingstone Community School, Hugh John Macdonald Junior High, R.B. Russel Vocational High School, and St. John’s High School.