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Website Calculates Monetary Value of Love

February 14, 2013 10:04 AM | News

Winnipeg Skyline - Love HeartsCan true love really be considered priceless? Not according to a website that has calculated the cost of having a significant other.

RateSupermarket.ca has posted a chart that shows love actually costs $43,842.08 from the first time a couple meets to when they walk down the aisle. The website calculates the cost based on some intense number crunching, and tallies totals from a one-year courtship, one-year engagement and the price of an average wedding.

“They say love hurts — and as it turns out, this is especially true for your wallet,” the Canadian site playfully says in an infographic published this week.

To ensure couples don’t completely break the bank, the site offers up some cost-saving tips from investing and staying on budget, to using credit cards that offer rewards.

A little something to consider on this fine Valentine’s Day.