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Manitoba to See Minor to Moderate Spring Flooding

February 27, 2013 2:08 PM | News

Flood Watch 2013

Manitoba can expect to experience minor to moderate flooding this spring, say provincial flood forecasters.

The province released its first flood outlook of the year on Wednesday, a week after forecasters in the U.S. predicted a similar scenario in North Dakota.

“Above-average snowpack with high moisture content in many parts of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and North Dakota have increased the potential for flooding this year, but overall low soil moisture levels in the province mean the flood risk in 2013 is, at this point, considerably less than in 2011 and moderately higher than in 2012,” the province said in a release.

The Red, Souris, Pembina, Assiniboine Rivers and the Interlake area could see potential flooding depending on weather conditions in the next few weeks. With favourable conditions, little to flooding could occur.

Officials said sunny, cool weather would be ideal to minimize the province’s flood risk. Weather conditions in April and May, along with how fast the snow melts, will also play a factor.

Red River levels in Winnipeg at James Avenue are forecast to be between 14.05, 17.34 and 19.68 feet for favourable, average and unfavourable weather conditions, respectively.

The next flood outlook is scheduled for the end of March.

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