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Winnipeg-Made TV Film to Premiere on Wednesday

March 12, 2013 9:51 AM | Entertainment

A made-in-Winnipeg TV movie will see its network debut on Wednesday.

“Euphoria” stars local actress and singer-songwriter Brooke Palsson as Michelle, who is probably best known for her work on the HBO Canada series “Less Than Kind.” The film also stars Winnipeg veteran actor Sarah Constible, who plays Celeste.

Produced by Winnipeg’s Inferno Pictures, the film was written and directed by Paula Kelly (“Appassionata”) and received backing from Telefilm and Manitoba Film & Music.

Euphoria will air on Super Channel at 7 p.m. CT.


In this coming-of-age drama, two road stories unfold about one person — a little girl Lily (Taya Dawn Ayotte Bourns) who’s taken away from home by her mother and Michelle, who traces the journey back after many years. Michelle and her mother Celeste have been leading a secret life in Montreal, when she’s shocked to learn that her father is still alive. She decides to return home to see him, even though it means leaving Celeste behind.