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Local Video to Promote Cycling Going Viral

March 13, 2013 8:55 AM | News

A new Winnipeg-made video to encourage more people to cycle is racking up hits online.

Created by the Green Action Centre, the environmental group teamed up with local filmmakers Trevor Gill and Christopher Paetkau to produce the film, titled “Bike!,” that focuses on various forms of cycling throughout Winnipeg and Manitoba.

“We wanted to make a piece that helped normalize cycling,” said Paetkau. “Almost everybody has, at one time or another, been on a bicycle. It’s not about who rides what bike, how fast they ride it, or what they wear while riding. It’s about human powered transportation and the freedom and fun that comes from that.”

At last check, just over 10,000 views had amassed on the video, which includes original music by Dead Horse Beats.


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