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RRC President Reimbursing Some Expenses

March 14, 2013 1:17 PM | News

Stephanie Forsyth (RED RIVER COLLEGE)

Stephanie Forsyth (RED RIVER COLLEGE)

Red River College president Stephanie Forsyth says she will reimburse the college for a pair of $205 golf shoes she expensed.

Forsyth released a statement on Thursday, one day after the Canadian Taxpayers Federation posted a list of questionable expenses she had claimed in the last three years. Among them were Forsyth’s driver’s license, a $134 travel bag and a number of expenses for her BMW, including car washes, insurance, winter tires, and a GPS device.

“I welcome a review of my expenses by the Board of Governors of the College,” Forsyth said in a statement. “My submissions have related directly to business conducted on behalf of the College. However, if any expense is deemed to be inappropriate, I have no hesitation in paying for this immediately.”

Forsyth went on to explain some of the expenses, saying the travel bag purchased at the Vancouver Airport was to replace one that was damaged in transit while carrying college-related material. The cost of Forsyth’s driver’s license in 2011 will also be paid back, as she explained it was filed in error as part of her automobile expenses.

The $107 in groceries at Superstore to pay for a dinner with NDP Minister Kerri Irvin-Ross wasn’t explained.

Forsyth said beginning April 1, her expenses will be posted on the college’s website in interests of full transparency.