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Humane Society Opposes Circus Show at MTS Centre

March 19, 2013 4:08 PM | News

Circus LionThe Winnipeg Humane Society is speaking out against the planned circus coming to MTS Centre next week.

The WHS slammed the use of exotic animals used in circuses on Tuesday, saying such spectacles include tiny living spaces, harsh training techniques, no social lives and constant travel.

The Super Spring Break Circus will perform March 26-27 in several two-hour shows targeting an all-ages audience.

“Human beings can perform impressive feats that can wow an audience. We now know better, so many circuses have eliminated exotic animals from their performances,” said Bill McDonald, WHS CEO. “We would like to think the MTS Centre would know better than to present entertainment that is well-known to be cruel.”

The Humane Society said circuses with exotic animals send the wrong message to children and shows them that demeaning animals for entertainment is acceptable.

Previous circus events held in Winnipeg have been protested in the past.