U of W Study Links Frequent Texting to Shallow Thought

April 11, 2013 2:51 PM | News

Texting - Cell PhoneA new study from the University of Winnipeg suggests students who frequently send text messages are shallow-minded.

The study says heavy teen texters place less importance on moral, aesthetic, and spiritual goals, and greater importance on wealth and image.

According to the study, those who texted more than 100 times a day were 30 percent less likely to feel strongly that leading an ethical, principled life was important to them, in comparison to those who texted 50 times or less a day. Higher texting frequency was also consistently associated with higher levels of ethnic prejudice.

The study was formed with the help of 2,300 introductory psychology students who completed a one-hour online psychology research survey. Data were collected at the beginning of the fall semester for three consecutive years.

— Staff

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