Province Extends Basement Flooding Subsidy Program

By Sarah Klein

Flood Watch 2013

The City of Winnipeg has provided criteria for the basement flood protection subsidy program. (CHRISD.CA)
The province has extended its basement flood protection subsidy program. (CHRISD.CA FILE)

To help reduce basement flooding, the Manitoba government has extended its popular subsidy program for sump pumps, pits and in-line backwater valves.

The provincial program offers up to $3,000 for homeowners to install the flood-protection equipment.

“Manitobans who use this program can make sure their homes are better prepared to handle the prospect of significant flooding,” said Local Government Minister Ron Lemieux. “Investments in flood protection go a long way to reducing damage and costs in the future.”

The program is offered by 22 municipalities to help reduce the risk of basement flooding and covers 60 percent of the equipment and installation costs for individual homeowners, up to a maximum per household of $1,000 for in-line backup valves and $2,000 for sump pumps and pits.

The province is providing 50 percent cost-shared funds to participating municipalities.


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