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South Winnipeg Homeowners Sandbagging as Red Rises

April 29, 2013 4:31 PM | News

Flood Watch 2013

Red River Floodway (CHRISD.CA)

Red River Floodway (CHRISD.CA)

Seven properties in south Winnipeg at risk of flooding are being shored up with sandbag dikes.

The City of Winnipeg said Monday that the dikes will need to be in place by Monday night as the Red River continues to rise. The James Avenue monitoring station last reported a river height of 15.5 feet.

The St. Norbert area homes will benefit once the Red River Floodway gates are open at 6 p.m. tonight, the city said.

“The property owners have been notified and approximately 6,500 sandbags are being delivered today,” said Grant Mohr, the city’s flood planning engineer.

An additional 11 properties in south Winnipeg have been put on notice in case river levels continue to rise on Tuesday.

Despite the call for sandbag volunteers earlier today, the city says they aren’t needed at this time.