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Blue Bombers Reveal Nine-Point Parking Plan for Stadium

April 30, 2013 12:44 PM | Sports

Winnipeg Blue Bombers LogoThe Winnipeg Blue Bombers have a nine-point plan to handle the parking situation at Investors Group Field this season.

The football club on Tuesday released comprehensive details to help fans get to the University of Manitoba campus while decreasing the amount of congestion around the stadium.

A new website at InvestorsGroupField.ca/fans includes everything fans need to know on arriving for a game.

“When our phones ring, most fans want to know how they get to the new stadium whether they plan to travel by car, bus, on foot or by bike,” said Blue Bombers vice-president and COO Jim Bell. “This new website has all the information everyone will need as fans, concert goers, neighbours, students or university faculty.”

The city, Bombers and U of M will monitor the parking situation and make any improvements if necessary.

Fans looking to park off campus will have several options, including a “Running Back Shuttle” service, park and ride locations, and “Boosters,” in which local businesses will rent out their lots to accomodate vehicles. Prices for the latter option will vary by lot, but Bell said he expects prices to be in the $10 to $15 range.

Homeowners living in Fort Richmond — with close proximity to the stadium — will receive one pass per household to display in their vehicle window to allow them to park on their streets between noon and 10 p.m. on game days. Homes with more than one vehicle will need to park in their driveways or make other arrangements on game days to avoid getting a ticket. The plan doesn’t account for having visitors over while a game is played.

A 12-page flyer outlining the parking plan is currently being delivered to residents of Fairfield Park, Fort Richmond, Minnetonka, University Heights and Waverley Heights.

“Monitoring and evaluating all services and activities is an important part of this Event Day Plan so changes may be made along the way,” Bell added.

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