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City Warns of Basement Flooding as Rivers Rise

April 30, 2013 4:47 PM | News

Flood Watch 2013

City of WinnipegThe City of Winnipeg is warning homeowners of the potential of basement flooding as river levels rise.

Paired with the recent rain the city has seen the past two days, the circumstances aren’t ideal for keeping your basement dry.

The city says the sewer system must rely heavily on pumping stations rather than gravity to carry the rainfall runoff.

A basement flood protection subsidy program is in place with partnership with the Manitoba government to reduce the cost of a sump pump for homeowners.

At the same time, officials warned about getting too close to bodies of water, and to stay away from roads that are flooded from overflowing creeks and streams.

Conditions on the city’s waterways are extremely hazardous at this time due to elevated water levels, ice flows and debris.

— Staff