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Humane Society Aiming to Control Feline Population

May 8, 2013 7:10 AM | News

CatsIn an effort to control the feline pet population, the Winnipeg Humane Society is holding “May Day Spay Day” on Wednesday, May 29.

A team of WHS veterinarians plan on reaching the goal of 100 spays in an eight-hour period.

“We are targeting female cats as they carry the litters, and can easily produce a litter or two over these next few months,” said Dr. Erika Anseeuw, WHS director of animal health.

Spay surgeries at Winnipeg veterinarian clinics typically range within $125-$225. People who live on social assistance or fixed incomes and who reside in Winnipeg will pay only $35

Interested pet owners looking to book a surgery can call (204) 888-7627 (SNAP) or visit The WHS at 35 Hurst Way.

Cats should be a minimum of four months of age, in good health, should be under the care of a veterinarian and be up to date with vaccinations.