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Bug Battle Begins for Winnipeg

May 9, 2013 2:08 PM | News

City entomologist Taz Stuart updates the media for the first time this season on the mosquito situation, Wednesday, April 25, 2012. (ALYSSA MCDONALD / METRO WINNIPEG)

City entomologist Taz Stuart (ALYSSA MCDONALD / METRO WINNIPEG FILE)

About 160 City of Winnipeg staff are on standby to battle those pesky bugs.

The City of Winnipeg announced the beginning of its surveillance and larviciding programs for 2013, and it calls for a balanced control approach including larviciding, biocontrols and residual treatments – and yes, fogging, when necessary.

Some of the highlights:

• The Insect Control Branch will used helicopters on contract
• 20,000-40,000 hectares of water area are being monitored and treated
• Keeping an eye on 7,000 standing water listings
• Using traps to monitor numbers (today’s count: 0)
• Fogging only when all city, provincial and Adulticiding Factor Analysis guidelines are met
Anyone who wants to apply for a fogging buffer zone should do so by emailing 311@winnipeg.ca.