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Aboriginal Art Featured in ‘100 Masters’ Exhibit

May 18, 2013 7:32 AM | Entertainment

Winnipeg Art GalleryAboriginal artists are featured in the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s new 100 Masters: Only in Canada exhibition.

The exhibition opened May 11 and brings five centuries of the world’s greatest art to Winnipeg, including stunning examples of Indigenous works from coast to coast to coast.

“It’s absolutely right 100 Masters should have Bill Reid’s Wasgo and Alex Janvier’s Lubicon alongside Rodin’s The Kiss and Warhol’s Mao,” said Stephen Borys, WAG CEO and executive director. “When I made my requests for one hundred masterpieces from galleries across Canada, choosing works that highlight this country’s stellar Aboriginal artists was a given. Their level of craft, their quality of expression and their cultural significance undeniably make these artists masters.”

The exhibit runs until August 18 and is the final exhibition in the WAG’s centennial year.