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Gay-Straight Alliances to Receive Support in Manitoba Schools

May 27, 2013 11:31 AM | News

By Sarah Klein

Egale Canada Human Rights TrustMore resources to help Manitoba schools establish gay-straight alliances (GSAs) are on the way.

The provincial government has partnered with Egale Canada Human Rights Trust to develop a program called Safe and Caring Schools: A Resource for Equity and Inclusion in Manitoba schools (MyGSA).

“Manitoba has been at the forefront in Canada in taking action to prevent bullying,” Education Minister Nancy Allan said on Monday.

“Today we want to give students more power and the right tools they need to create a more caring and inclusive school for all students. This new resource will support Bill 18 which will require all schools to accommodate students who want to form GSAs.”

The number of GSAs in the province has rapidly grown, increasing from only two in 2009 to 35 in 2012. Currently about 60 are in operation or in the process of being developed.

The Toronto-based trust is Canada’s only national charity promoting lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans-human rights through research, education and community engagement.