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Mobile App to Reward Reporting of Parking Scofflaws

May 27, 2013 8:54 AM | News

Ramp Up ManitobaA group of Winnipeg entrepreneurs have come up with a way for citizens to easily report parking infractions, while being rewarded cash in doing so.

SpotSquad is a new app that was created over the weekend at Ramp Up Manitoba, where attendees pitched more than 40 ideas and developed a product in just a few days.

“It’s not always about reporting the amazing job some people do double-parking, it’s also about safety on city streets (think fire hydrants and handicapped spots), while also solving a major problem for private lot managers like Impark who will now have thousands of users who just might find the folks with 20 unpaid tickets,” SpotSquad co-founder Chris Johnson said of the app.

The more reports a user makes, the more they share in the profits collected.

The developers have already connected with a parking enforcement manager, who is backing their idea and hoping to take it to the next level and eventually release it to the public.

The Ramp Up Weekend event features over $10,000 in prizes to help kick start the most promising ideas built in a single 55-hour weekend.