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Committee Proposes Additional Bulky Waste Pickups

June 5, 2013 8:47 AM | News

City of WinnipegThursday’s Standing Policy Committee on Protection and Community Services could see new measures added to fight arson.

A motion was made at City Council on May 29 calling for a plan to be developed that would see bulky waste such as mattresses and abandoned furniture picked up more frequently – hopefully before they’re set on fire by arsonists.

“Waste accumulating in back lanes and streets results in increased potential for arson,” said Mayor Sam Katz. “We want to move quickly to rid our city of public eyesores and hazards to safety. By removing the fuel, we may be able to prevent the fire.”

The plan would see targeted areas of the city where pickups would take place twice a week – once during regular pickup days and one more day a week – when citizens call 311 for pickups.