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Booty Camp Fitness to Hold Local Workouts

June 6, 2013 7:43 AM | News

Booty Camp Fitness

Booty Camp Fitness begins June 10 and will hold two four- and eight-week courses in Winnipeg. (HANDOUT)

The largest women’s only boot camp in the country is coming to Winnipeg next week to whip local ladies into shape.

Booty Camp Fitness will hold two four- and eight-week camps in Assiniboine Park and a location yet to be determined in the St. Vital area.

“We are so excited to launch a Booty Camp Fitness location in Winnipeg,” said creator and CEO Sammie Kennedy. “We’ve seen our recruits shed as much as 10 pounds and nine inches during one of our four-week sessions.”

Ladies of all ages and levels of fitness are invited to participate in the camps beginning on June 10. Registration is available online.

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