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Cyclists Can Recycle Old Tires and Tubes

June 12, 2013 2:38 PM | News

Bike to Work Day

Cyclists, including Mayor Sam Katz, kick off Bike to Work Day at City Hall on Tuesday, June 11, 2013. (STAN MILOSEVIC / CHRISD.CA)

A new recycling program to make use of old bike tires and tubes has been launched.

Tire Stewardship Manitoba has expanded its service to include bicycle tire collection under its rubber recycling infrastructure. The new plan will be free of charge and participating drop-off locations will be listed on the Tire Stewardship Manitoba website.

“We’ve been accepting bicycle tire and tubes on a limited basis for a number years,” said Brett Eckstein, executive director of Tire Stewardship Manitoba.

“Under the revised program, cyclists and stores will now have a permanent disposal option. We’re really excited to launch this program for the betterment of the environment and the general cycling community.”

The new program will be promoted during Bike to Work Day festivities at The Forks on Friday, June 21.

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