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Norwood Grove BIZ Receives $50K for Improvements

June 15, 2013 1:00 PM | News

By David Klassen

City of WinnipegThe Norwood Grove Business Improvement Zone (BIZ) has received $50,000 from the city towards local area enhancement.

St. Boniface Councillor Dan Vandal made the announcement Saturday during the annual Coronation Park Festival and Swords and Sabres Festival.

“It is great to see local businesses come together to make Norwood more appealing and a more successful business area,” Vandal said.

“This additional funding will enable the Norwood Grove BIZ to visually enhance their commercial zone and will help continue to make the ward of St. Boniface the best and most dynamic area in Winnipeg to work and live”

Improvements include three gateway monuments to showcase the entrances to the Norwood Grove BIZ area, a permanent picnic/skate structure in Coronation Park and seasonal holiday decor.