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VIDEO: Not Enough Mosquitoes to Fog: City

June 18, 2013 3:28 PM | News

There aren’t enough mosquitoes in the City of Winnipeg’s traps to warrant fogging just yet.

Taz Stuart, the city’s entomologist, provided an update from his department on Tuesday, saying trap counts sit at 15. Twenty-five mosquitoes are needed to deploy fogging trucks and must remain at that level or higher for at least two days. A total of 100 mosquitoes in a single city quadrant can also see the Insect Control Branch justify fogging.

However, the city is using permethrin treatments to target select areas where an emergence of localized adult mosquitoes have taken over. The environmentally-friendly product is being used in some parks, cemeteries and rights-of-way, and is sprayed on grass, bushes and shrubs.

The city is using 150 staff and four helicopters to monitor the mosquito situation. Residence can also do their part by dumping standing water on their property as to not attract larvae.

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