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Manitoba Museum Reports $335K Budget Surplus

June 21, 2013 11:00 AM | Entertainment

The Manitoba MuseumThe Manitoba Museum has reported its 21st consecutive balanced operating budget.

At its annual general meeting on Thursday, the museum said it completed its fiscal year with a surplus of $335,000. The success is being contributed to technological upgrades to its Planetarium and record attendance to the temporary Dinosaurs Unearthed exhibition.

The museum also opened the Canadian Space Agency’s Living in Space exhibit in the Science Gallery, just Chris Hadfield began his historic run as commander of the International Space Station.

“It was also our 21st year in a row with a balanced budget, as we continue our tradition of community engagement, innovation, world-class research, responsible financial stewardship and positive economic impact,” said Manitoba Museum CEO Claudette Leclerc.

The museum welcomed 374,961 visitors through its doors in the last fiscal year, including 85,202 school children.