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Northwest Winnipeg Roads to See $8.3M in Upgrades

June 25, 2013 1:39 PM | News

Manitoba LogoThe Manitoba government is funding $8.3 million in road repair projects in northwest Winnipeg.

The 17 projects are spread out between Maples, Kildonan, St. John’s, Burrows, Tyndall, Point Douglas, Logan, Minto, Wolseley, St. James and Assiniboia.

The largest project includes a $2.7 million provincial investment for road work on Portage Avenue eastbound from St. John Ambulance Way to Sherburn Street.

Other projects include:

  • Parr Street from Hartford Avenue to Jefferson Avenue
  • Parr Street from Rupertsland Avenue to McAdam Avenue
  • Manila Road from Cartwright Road to Jefferson Avenue
  • Garton Avenue from Marianne Road to Inkster Garden Drive
  • Allard Avenue from Sumach Street to Bedson Street
  • Ainslie Street from Ness Avenue to Bruce Avenue
  • Aubrey Street from Wolseley to the bus loop
  • Aubrey Street from the bus loop to Palmerston Avenue
  • Sutherland Avenue from Higgins Avenue to Stephens Street
  • Dominion Street from Wellington Avenue to Sargent Avenue
  • Crestview Park Drive from Voyageur Avenue to Hamilton Avenue
  • Burrows Avenue from McPhillips Street to Tommy Price Street
  • Red Roblin Place at Athlone Drive
  • Moorgate Street from Portage Avenue to Lodge Avenue
  • Furby Street from Portage Avenue to Ellice Avenue
  • Leahcrest Crescent from Angila Avenue to Argate Drive

The province also recently announced $4.7 million to fix up roads in the city’s southwest area.