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Swat! U of M Students Develop Mosquito-Tracking App

June 28, 2013 9:05 AM | News

M Tracker App

M Tracker allows users to report high instances of mosquitoes in their area. (ITUNES)

A team of students and engineers from the University of Manitoba are helping track the worst areas in Winnipeg for mosquitoes with the help of a new smartphone app.

“M Tracker” allows users to report how bad mosquitoes are in their specific neighbourhood and generate a map of Winnipeg from the results.

“We originally had been using software to generate contact patterns to model the spread of flu and flu-like symptoms in hospitals several years ago, and realized the same technology could be used to track mosquitoes,” said Bob McLeod of the Faculty of Engineering.

His computer engineering students Chen Liu and Rory Jacob designed the app, which went live a few weeks ago.

And what are the problem areas of the city for the pesky skeeters? According to the app, the hotspots are Waverley West, Sage Creek and Fort Garry.

The app is free to download for Apple iOS devices (iTunes) and Android phones.

Check the latest mosquito trap count numbers on the city’s website.