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RRC’s ‘Blogger in Residence’ Moves in for the Summer

July 3, 2013 8:14 AM | News

Kayla Jeanson

Kayla Jeanson (HANDOUT)

A University of Manitoba student is living rent-free and attending some of the hottest festivals and events in the city this summer.

Kayla Jeanson won the Greatest Job in the City to be Red River College’s blogger in residence.

Jeanson, a film studies student, contemporary dancer and freelance videographer, will live in the Exchange District until August 16. While there, she will produce five stories a week on her experiences to showcase the unique area.

“I hope to shine a light on the experience of living downtown. I want to showcase the beauty of our Exchange District”, Jeanson said. “I have a strong following on social media so I am hoping I can engage with them, and thousands of other people throughout the city and province. It’s going to be an amazing experience.”

Jeanson is provided with $12 a day for food and will dine at the Culinary Exchange (CulEx) and Jane’s Restaurant. Part of the contract allows her to work a flexible summer job as well.

You can follow Jeanson’s experience at RRC.ca/greatestsummerjob.