Manitoba Healthy Baby Program Making a Difference: U of M Study

Province of ManitobaA study from the University of Manitoba shows that the provincial government’s Healthy Baby Program is helping drive up breastfeeding and prenatal care rates.

The University of Manitoba’s Evaluation of the Manitoba Healthy Baby Program shows since its inception, low birth weights went down up to 9 percent, preterm births went down up to 6 percent, breastfeeding went up by 10 to 21 perecent and between 4 to 6 percent of mothers sought better prenatal care.

The program is available to all low-income pregnant women who live in Manitoba. It provides up to $81.41 a month to help pregnant women meet their nutritional needs, said Youth Opportunities Minister Kevin Chief.

Chief said the province is investing another $4.5 million into the program for 2013. The program is delivered through more than 100 community resource groups across the province.

— Staff


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