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Winnipeg Police to Soon Join Twitter, YouTube

August 19, 2013 3:31 PM | News

TwitterWinnipeg police are making the leap to social media in the near future when they launch a Twitter page.

Before the end of this year, Winnipeg’s police force will have a presence on the popular social media network. They also vowed to launch a YouTube channel, which already exists in some capacity as formed several years ago to highlight missing persons cases.

The topic was discussed Monday during the 108th Annual Conference of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP). The conference is being held at the Winnipeg Convention Centre until Wednesday.

“With the ever-changing advancements of the internet and social networking, communications and the need to remain ahead of existing trends remain top of mind for executives,” said Winnipeg police Chief Devon Clunis. “It is an essential component to effective police management that affects law enforcement and ultimately, the safety and security of Canadian citizens.”

Clunis acted as host on the topic of “Communication: at the Centre of It All,” which he and Vancouver Police Department Chief Constable Jim Chu discussed with the media.

The pair also acknowledged the “dark side” of social media, saying police are still governed by the laws created in the 1970s, which haven’t yet caught up to the modern era of digital technology.

“The Internet continues to be a safe-haven for those who choose to exploit the technology,” Chu said. “In order for those in law enforcement to pursue the intent of such important initiatives, we need to ensure that criminal activity committed through new technologies can be effectively investigated and prosecuted.”

Earlier this summer, the Brandon Police Service joined Twitter to pass along their daily press releases and to communicate ongoing incidents in the Wheat City.