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Unionized Employees Paid More: Labour Report

August 21, 2013 2:21 PM | News

Canadian MoneyWorkers who belong to a union are paid more, a new report reveals.

Filed under the category of ‘not so shocking,’ researchers at the Canadian Labour Congress said the average unionized worker in Winnipeg earns $5.14 an hour more than non-union workers.

“That extra money in the pockets of unionized employees translates into an added $28.3 million every week paid into the local economy,” said CLC president Ken Georgetti.

In Canada on average, young workers aged 15 to 29 earn an additional $5.53 an hour if they belong to unions, while Manitoba women belonging to unions pull in $6.83 an hour more than non-unionized workplaces.

Georgetti said that unions also advocate at local, provincial and federal government levels for things such as public health care and an improved Canada Pension Plan.

On Tuesday, approximately 185 Winnipeg-based Emterra employees, including garbage and recycling collection drivers and swampers, voted to join CUPE Local 500. The union will also represent employees working in the recycling plant.

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