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Manitoba Farmer Paddles to Get Youth Active

August 22, 2013 7:40 AM | News

By Sarah Klein

A Manitoba farmer has completed a 175 km trip from Nova Scotia to Sable Island in support of a worthwhile cause.

Graham Carter of Ste. Anne, Manitoba, along with kayak partner Jan-Sebastian La Pierre completed the 29-hour paddle journey earlier this week. The pair have been fundraising for children who don’t have access to adventure and recreational opportunities. Their goal is eventually to bring in $25,000.

Carter, 28, now calls Nova Scotia home, where he and Pierre work with youth on a daily basis. The duo are also on a mission to raise awareness of the great outdoors and the adventure that awaits outside as an alternative to living behind a screen playing video games and surfing social media.

A full documentary of their paddle trip was shot and will be released in the future. A preview can be seen at Paddle2Sable.ca.

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