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Manitoba Bureaucrats Are Some Sick People: CTF

August 29, 2013 10:24 AM | News

Woman SneezingNew data obtained by the Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation shows Manitoba bureaucrats take the second highest number of sick/disability days in Canada.

The CTF says government workers in the province took an average of 12.1 sick days in 2012, compared to non-government workers who took an average of 7.1. Quebec had the highest for its government workers at 12.2 days.

“It’s unacceptable for governments to be raising taxes while their employees are taking nearly double the number of sick days as everyone else,” said CTF prairie director Colin Craig. “Governments should cut back on sick leave abuse instead of raiding taxpayers’ wallets.”

Craig said provincial employees took an average of 8.76 sick days in 2012-13, with the Companies Office and Property Registry leading the way at 13.8 and 13.1 days, respectively. Executive Council had the lowest utilization of sick leave with just 3.8 days per employee.

Provincial Sick Days

Number of sick/disability days taken by government and non-government employees in every province in 2012. (CTF)

Compared federally, staff working in the Harper government took 17.9 days of sick leave last year, according to a recent Treasury Board survey. That compares to 6.7 sick days in 2012 for non-government workers across the country, a recent report from Statistics Canada showed.

The CTF released the data as part of its annual Labour Day Reality Check.

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