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Photo Radar Group Warns of Unmarked School Zones

September 13, 2013 10:56 AM | News

Wise Up Winnipeg

Wise Up Winnipeg warns drivers of an upcoming school zone without proper signage during a past demonstration. (HANDOUT)

A group of citizen activists say the lack of proper traffic signage in school zones is not only unsafe, but a sneaky way of photo radar units to collect extra cash from unsuspecting motorists.

Wise Up Winnipeg claims the City of Winnipeg is falling behind when it comes to placing appropriate signage for motorists in school zones. The group says 206 signs are missing and the city has done very little to fix the problem in the 10 months since it was reported.

“Only a few schools have had the missing signs erected. However, that was only the result of Wise Up informing the school principals who then contacted the city directly,” said Chris Sweryda of Wise Up Winnipeg.

Sweryda says the group has contacted CAA Manitoba and MPI regarding the problem, but their concerns have gone unanswered.

Wise Up Winnipeg drew attention to the problem at noon today when they held a demonstration at the corner of Stafford Street and Wardlaw Avenue near St. Ignatius School. The area is one of the “most deficient” in the city according to the group.

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