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Festival Gets $100K to Fix Up Fort Gibraltar

September 19, 2013 11:09 AM | News

By Sarah Klein

Fort Gibraltar

Festival du Voyageur has received $100,000 from the provincial government to fix up Fort Gibraltar.

The funding will rehabilitate the wooden palisade and three cabins located within Fort. Renovations will include replacing the roofs and eavestroughs, replacing rotten logs and cement, as well as insulating the cabins.

Fort Gibraltar hosts the French-Canadian winter festival in St. Boniface every February and also acts at the site of summer interpretive tours, historical activities and educational programming.

The funding comes after the federal government provided Festival du Voyageur with a $123,750 grant earlier this year to rebuild the walls of the Fort and three of the cabins inside.

In August, 320 logs worth approximately $10,000 were stolen from the site. The construction material was covered by insurance and shouldn’t delay the project significantly.