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Practise Safe Boating This Fall: CSBC

September 22, 2013 10:25 AM | Sports

By David Klassen

Speed BoatThe peak boating season has passed, but those who venture out onto the water need to remain diligent.

That’s why the Canadian Safe Boating Council (CSBC) and the Manitoba Wildlife Federation is reminding all boaters enjoying the fall season on the water to follow certain tips to ensure that their excursions are both safe and enjoyable.

“Spectacular colours, peaceful solitude and the crispness of the air make boating in the fall a wondrous experience,” said Jean Murray, chair of the CSBC. “To make the most of this experience safely, however, boaters need to be extra diligent in their preparations before departing. Most important of these are checking the weather, dressing for the water temperature, wearing a lifejacket and leaving a float plan with a responsible person on shore who can call for help should the need arise.”

Officials say a mixture of warm and cold air can quickly spawn high winds and waves making it treacherous for small boats. Fog can also become an issue at this time of year making visibility difficult. Should boaters find themselves in a fog bank, they should proceed slowly and sound their horn at regular intervals to alert other boaters of their presence.

In the fall, there are fewer boats on the water to offer assistance, if needed. Boaters should be sure to leave a float plan with a responsible person on shore who will know what to do if they’re overdue.

Further safe boating tips can be found by visiting CSBC.ca.

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