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Siloam Mission Receives Large Ginch Donation

September 27, 2013 8:23 AM | News

GotGinch Underwear DriveSiloam Mission received a special delivery on Friday in the form of 5,000 pairs of underwear.

The generous donation for its homeless clients came from four Calgary-based philanthropists. Brent King, Robb Price, Gabriela Ostendorfer and Trevor Beckman are on a cross-Canada journey driving over 7,000 kilometres from Vancouver to Halifax in an RV, to deliver 4,000 pairs of ginch (men’s underwear) and 1,000 pairs of knickers (ladies underwear) to 10 homeless shelters — 50,000 pairs in total.

This cross-Canada underwear drive, known as GotGinch and/or Need Knickers has delivered to date over 190,000 pairs of underwear across Canada.

The RV pulled up to the Princess Street shelter at 10 a.m. to make its delivery and was assisted by a flurry of shelter volunteers happy to take the items inside for sorting.

To donate towards the campaign or find out more, visit DeliverGood.org/gotginch.

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