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Thorneycroft Joins Local Contemporary Art Gallery

October 2, 2013 7:41 AM | Entertainment

Diana Thorneycroft

Diana Thorneycroft, Group of Seven Awkward Moments (Avro Arrow at Sombre Hill), 2009 (HANDOUT)

Internationally recognized artist Diana Thorneycroft has joined the Gurevich Fine Art gallery in Winnipeg.

Thorneycroft is a local artist who has exhibited numerous bodies of work to great celebration across Canada, the United States and Europe, as well as in Moscow, Tokyo and Sydney. Thorneycroft is known for creating provocative and controversial photographs, and has turned to black humour and contemporary mass culture as props to stage investigations into what she calls humankind’s hopeless attraction to “spectacles of violence.”

Hogs and Horses, a collaboration between Thorneycroft and Michael Boss, will be her first exhibition at Gurevich Fine Art in October of 2014.

— Staff

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