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Recycling Bin Program Targeting Manitoba Schools

October 3, 2013 12:51 PM | News

Recycle Everywhere

Students interact with a Recycle Everywhere mascot at Ecole Victoria-Albert School on Thursday, October 3, 2013. (STAN MILOSEVIC / CHRISD.CA)

A new program to get Manitoba students more engaged with recycling was launched on Thursday.

Recycle Everywhere 101 was rolled out province-wide by the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA).

“With a program like Recycle Everywhere 101 we are directly encouraging young Manitobans to adopt recycling behaviours early on so lifelong habits are formed, and beverage containers are turned into valuable products rather than becoming litter and ending up in our landfills,” said Christa Rust, program manager of Recycle Everywhere.

Schools can register for free Recycle Everywhere bins and other items to help boost their beverage container recycling efforts. Currently, 181 Manitoba schools and post-secondary institutions have the bins, which Recycle Everywhere provides free of charge. The goal is to eventually have the bins in 75 percent of Manitoba schools by the end of the school year.

In September, unsuspecting people at the University of Manitoba were rewarded with prizes for recycling their beverage containers.