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Street Repairs the Top Priority for Winnipeggers: Study

October 3, 2013 4:20 PM | News

Posted Tyler Sutherland

Pothole Patcher

A road patcher fills a pothole on King Edward Street, Tuesday, March 26, 2013. (STAN MILOSEVIC / CHRISD.CA FILE)

A public consultation study commissioned by the City of Winnipeg has found the number one priority on residents’ minds is fixing city streets.

The findings by consulting firm MNP is a lead-up to the city’s 2014 budget, in which council will consider making repairing and maintaining infrastructure a top priority.

“In 2013, council passed a budget that for the first time put forward a long-term plan for fixing local streets, back lanes and sidewalks,” said Mayor Sam Katz. “As we prepare the 2014 budget, it’s important for Council to know that Winnipeggers consider fixing streets their highest priority.”

The study also found citizens identified crime prevention, investment in public transit, and efforts to reduce taxes and spending as their priorities.

More than 1,700 people and organizations responded to the consultation process.