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Full House at Craig Street Cats

October 13, 2013 10:44 AM | News


“No room for a cute critter like me?” (CRAIGSTREETCATS.CA)

As much as Craig Street Cats would like to care for unwanted kittens, they just don’t have anymore room.

The cat shelter says that as the colder weather approaches, it tends to see an influx of kittens being dropped off, and that isn’t solving the problem.

“We have no room for any of them,” the shelter said on a note posted to their website. “Any space that comes open is reserved for critters in our managed colonies. We do not have a waiting list.”

Craig Street Cats says it can offer up tips to pet owners for screening potential adopters, offer assistance for low cost spay/neutering surgeries, as well as provide dry cat food.

“The next few weeks will be very difficult for our entire staff and volunteer corps. We all want to take every critter. We can’t. If we take any more, the ones we already have will start to get sick. All we can do is stick together, and try to make it through the next few weeks as best we can.”

Donations to the shelter can be made securely on its website.