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‘Power of Positive’ Drawing Women Together

October 16, 2013 7:06 AM | News

Deri Latimer

Deri Latimer will be the keynote speaker at the Power of Positive event on October 26. (HANDOUT)

A one-day event at the end of October will gather women of all ages to discover ways they can be the positive change in their own world and those around them.

Power of Positive, hosted by the Happy Monkey Club, will motivate, inspire, and empower women and teens to lead positive, balanced, happy lives while giving back to the community.

“I wanted to create an event that encouraged women to incorporate positive behaviours into their life on a daily basis,” said Carol Ploen-Hosegood, director of the Winnipeg-based Happy Monkey Club, an organization devoted to creating a community of women to lead positive lives.

Certified life coach Patti Phillips will speak at the event as she hosts “Play to Your Strengths,” a four-step process to determine your play personality while Jodi Lee, a registered holistic nutritionist, will teach women how to “Play with Your Food.”

The keynote speaker is Deri Latimer, who will be talking about “Play is Life” and how being playful shapes your brain, energizes your body, and invigorates the soul.

The event on Saturday, October 26 will be held at Canad Inns Windsor Park. For more details, visit HappyMonkeyClub.com.


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