Survey Finds Nearly 70% of Manitoba Teens, Parents Text and Drive

By Sarah Klein

Texting and Driving
Winnipeg police Constable Steve Bowen cycles through traffic looking for drivers using a mobile device while behind the wheel. (STAN MILOSEVIC / CHRISD.CA FILE)

Despite laws forbidding texting and driving behind the wheel, teens and parents still do it, according to a new survey commissioned by Ford Canada.

In Manitoba, Ford found 67% of teens and 69% of parents of teens admitted to using handheld technology, such as talking on a handheld phone or texting while behind the wheel compared to national results of 72% of teens and 67% of parents.

Nationally, nearly all teens (93%) and their parents (97%) admitted to having engaged in some form of distracted driving.

The survey also found riskier behaviours increase as teens age. New drivers, those 16- to 17-years-old, are more likely to say they follow all of the rules of the road compared to those aged 18 to 19 (71% vs. 48%).

The penalty if caught using your phone while driving in Manitoba is $199.80 and two demerits.




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