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Scott Fielding Steps Down from EPC

October 25, 2013 12:04 PM | News

Scott Fielding (WINNIPEG.CA)

Scott Fielding (WINNIPEG.CA)

Councillor Scott Fielding has decided to step down from the executive policy committee.

The councillor for St. James-Brooklands-Weston made the announcement Friday, citing recent decisions made regarding the proposed 2014 budget and other management decisions as his reasoning.

“Taxpayers deserve more than this. On the heels of unprecedented mismanagement I cannot take the easy way out and ask taxpayers to bail us out of this mess with a tax increase.”

City Hall is in the middle of dealing with a scathing fire hall audit (PDF), cost overruns for the new Winnipeg police headquarters and the recent departure of several top-ranking civic officials.

Fielding had served on EPC — the mayor’s powerful inner circle — for more than five years.

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