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Donors Help Salvation Army Continue ‘Community Venture’ Program

November 19, 2013 9:14 AM | News

Salvation ArmyA generous private donation to the Salvation Army will keep the wheels on its Community Venture program rolling for years to come.

The charity had been using a 2002 Ford E350 van for its transportation needs, but wear and tear started to take its toll. Local donors Bonnie and John Buhler heard about the need and stepped up to donate $37,816.

With the funds, the Salvation Army was able to purchase a converted 2013 Dodge Caravan to accommodate wheelchair use.

“Transportation is a critical element in providing our clients volunteering opportunities, community service function and recreational activities,” said Kim Park, executive director of the Salvation Army Community Venture program. “Our clients participate in Meals on Wheels programs, Shopping for Seniors programs, volunteering at the Salvation Army Thrift Stores and countless other opportunities that build personal self-esteem and community spirit throughout Winnipeg.”

A presentation of the donation will take place today at 1350 Church Avenue.