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CMU Students Say ‘Thanks’ to Education Funders

November 25, 2013 7:06 AM | News

Canadian Mennonite University - CMUStudents at Canadian Mennonite University will show their appreciation today for those who donate to fund their education.

Tuition Freedom Day is a way for students to express their gratitude to donors, churches, and the Manitoba government. This calendar milestone marks
the end of the fiscal year paid for by student tuition, and the beginning of the year covered by donations from the government, church groups, and individual donors.

“Tuition Freedom Day has become a wonderful way for CMU students to celebrate and express their appreciation to the government, church constituencies, and individual donors for the valuable contributions they have make to their education,” said Marilyn Peters Kliewer, dean of student life at CMU. “Students realize this financial support helps make their post-secondary education a possibility.”

The day was inspired by a similar event held at Goshen College in Indiana.

— Staff