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RRC Partnership Furthering Heavy Duty Education

November 25, 2013 8:08 AM | News

By Tyler Sutherland

Red River College - Maxim Truck & Trailer

Doug Harvey of Maxim Truck & Trailer and RRC president and CEO Stephanie Forsyth. (HANDOUT)

Through a partnership with Maxim Truck & Trailer, Red River College’s Heavy Equipment Transportation Centre continues to flourish.

The company was honoured at the school with a plaque to name one of the centre’s classroom — a small token of their $100,000 pledge to the program last year.

“The importance of heavy duty technicians to our business cannot be overstated,” said Doug Harvey, president of Maxim Truck & Trailer. “We are proud to support a first-class training centre at Red River College that helps promote, attract and train heavy duty technicians for the transportation industry.”

The new Heavy Equipment Training Centre is 60,000 square feet, with nine classrooms and space to work on numerous large vehicles that represent a variety of sectors simultaneously. The centre houses four programs and also meets the LEED Silver standard in energy efficiency.

The facility is located on RRC’s Notre Dame campus and can handle close to 800 students attending technical training.