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Weather Network Predicts Normal Winter for Winnipeg

November 26, 2013 11:52 AM | News

North Perimeter Highway - Blowing Snow

The Weather Network says Winnipeg and much of the province can expect normal winter conditions this season. (STAN MILOSEVIC / CHRISD.CA FILE)

Winter 2013 - Temperature

Temperature trends nationwide this winter. Click to enlarge. (THE WEATHER NETWORK)

Winnipeg isn’t in store for a below seasonal winter, according to national forecasters.

The Weather Network has released their winter outlook, predicting near normal temperatures and precipitation for the city this season.

“Most regions will see typical temperatures and precipitation, but won’t be locked in to one type of weather for the winter season,” said Chris Scott, chief meteorologist at The Weather Network in Oakville, Ontario. “Canadians can expect to see a lot of variability in the weather this year. Just as you get used to a certain type of weather, it will likely change.”

Winter 2013 - Precipitation

Precipitation amounts for the country. Click to enlarge. (THE WEATHER NETWORK)

While temperatures for most of the country are expected to average close to normal over the winter season, both warm and cold extremes are likely at times. However, throughout the rest of the province, Manitoba is expected to be normal temperature-wise, with a small area of above normal temperatures in the Hudson Bay Lowlands near the Ontario border. And if you’re looking for an abundance of snow, forecasters say precipitation will remain in the normal category as well for this time of year.

Winnipeg’s average seasonal precipitation is 55.2 mm, with a mean temperature of -14.2°C.