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City to Spend $1 Million on Tree-Planting

December 3, 2013 1:34 PM | News

By Sarah Klein

American Elm TreesWinnipeg will more than double reforestation efforts next year, spending $1 million to remove and replace Schubert chokecherry trees on city property.

Mayor Sam Katz and St. Vital Councillor Brian Mayes made the announcement Tuesday on Aldgate Road, one of many streets on the list to see new trees planted.

“I get many calls from residents in south St. Vital concerned about Schubert cherry trees on streets such as Aldgate Road, so I am delighted there is dedicated additional funding to address this road and areas throughout the neighbourhood,” Mayes said.

Trees are often removed as a result of black knot disease and other environmental factors. Neighbourhooods hardest hit include Lindenwoods, Richmond West, Dakota Crossing, Norberry, North St. Boniface, Rossmere, Pulberry and Riverbend.

Approximately 10,000 trees on city boulevards and in parks require removal and replacement.